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SL System: Our Business Activity

We offer comprehensive services for complete energy efficiency:

Maintenance of heating, cooling and ventilation equipment and expert advice on the proper use.

For your complete satisfaction, we have several technicians all over Ile de France. Based near you, our teams can travel to your home at any time.

They will bring mobile terminals, GPS geolocation devices and a full stock of spare parts to help you out.

​​​​​​Our SL System experts work on all the following equipment:

1. New and Renewable Energy (NE):

Depending on the branch:

  • Air conditioning
  • Rooftops
  • Heat pump 
  • Thermodynamic balloon

2. Electrical equipment:

  • Water heater, storage tank
  • Domestic Controlled Mechanical Ventilation
  • Convectors

3. Additional equipment:

Faucets, car park extractors, lift pumps, booster pumps, water treatment, BMS and remote alarm. Choosing SL System means trusting a certified professional with reliable services.

4 technicians
100 % of satisfied customers
17 years of experience

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